Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shine bright like a Diamond

                              As beautiful as your work

*Photography- Sucharita Rao, Make up artistry- Sandy*

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
― Coco Chanel
This quote has always resonated with me as i believe that today's beauty is not just about putting on an attire but its the unspoken elegance that lies underneath. Its the inner light that glows when you love yourself and your work to dress up everyday to be confident and self-assured. Today's women have carved their niche in every field and that's how their work has become an instrument of self expression. Mia is a story of how a woman adds a touch of perfection when it comes to her work. She worships her work piously and gives her best in whatever project is given to her. Mia is a confident, perseverant and a hardworking woman. Her jewelry is a catalyst and an extension of who she is and that pushes her to be mesmerizing in whatever she does.
                                      I am Mia. I relate with all the little nuances that help make Mia the strong, self sufficient woman she is. Im a Blogger, Stylist and a Model so my work requires me to be at my best at all times. I love my work and it is an extension of who i am. Everyday i add my touch of sparkle to make my work my own. My jewelry shines but my sparkle shines brighter.


Thursday, 16 May 2013


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*Top and shorts- Splash, Earring- Asos, Ring-f21, shamballa bracelets- Promod and thrift store*

Hello my lovely fashionistas,
Ive missed you! Sorry for not being regular but there's sooo much going on! But you could catch me regularly updating about trends and stunning fashion pieces on my facebook page. You could also check my blog on the official Guess Watch website here.  Talking about this post, Ive put my own spin on current season's trends i.e the Monochromatic look. I paired a Spiked peplum top with a pair of  houndstooth shorts and Polka dot heels. I had fun mixing printed black and whites. This look could work for both day and night! For the day look, ditch the heels and don a pair of fun flats!

A big big thank you to-
Photographer- Sarath Shetty (who created art in the form of photographs)
Make up artist- Mitesh  ( who could transform a girl into a freaking rockstar ;) )
Location Courtesy- The Blue Door, Hyderabad (My fav place in town.Spectacular ambiance and the delicious Greek food to die for)

Do tell me what you have been wearing this summer to beat the heat fashionably?