Thursday, 29 December 2011

*Sequins and Stardust*

*Black milk galaxy dress, Be me store- sequin jacket,  Aldo ankle boots,  Only -pussy-bow stockings,  Rings- f21, aldo and asos, Neck piece- f21*

My New Love- Sequined boyfriend jacket with a beautiful blackmilk galaxy dress! one thing about my galaxy dress is its printed so in pictures it actually looks like its sparkling *does her lil dance in excitement* Galaxy dresses are trending right now so if u find one dont let go~
              I wanted a look for the new years eve and kept chilly winters in mind~ pairing it up with ankle boots and black stockings made it complete. i had lots of fun pairing my accessories. feline, fish, feather ring and fabulous teamed together, thats just an amazing coincidence. Perfume- Im wearing armani code by Giorgio Armani <i know its a mens fragrance> but i love it anyway. Its invigorating and it lasts long! If your wondering how to stand out on new years you could definitely rock something sequin or lamé. But make sure you balance the bling. With make up you could try a heavy eye with nude lips or vice versa. Im going to put up my new year outfit soon but i hope to see some pictures of you guys in your new years outfits on my facebook page~

Photography: Sarath shetty and Make up artist: Sandy artist
Thank uuuu for being so amazing!

Happy New Year everybodyyy. See you in 2012

Monday, 19 December 2011

Holiday Haulin'

My Make up Haul- *Bourjois Paris number 03 & 10(could also add water for vivid effect), Lotus Hypnotica Eye liner Glitter (a must for the holidays plus its natural so it wont irritate your eye), Honey Bronze(for that sun kissed look) and Almond nail and cuticle oil- The Body Shop, Black lip color- Accessorize (for the little goth in me), M.A.C So chaud matte*

Presenting My new Steve Madden Biker Boots. I love the grunge effect on the heel of the boot! Checked it off my wants list *woot*
 Another Steve Madden Beauty called Stonned Blush.
 And Meet the Goddess of my shoe closet- River Island Bootie! Love Love the spikes and crystals. So fierce <3

Thats it for my holiday shopping. Cant show the new outfits because im going to be using it for the blog  :) Have an amazing tuesday everybody~

Thursday, 8 December 2011

~Pleated Paradise~

Note: My blog has a widget that plays music as you enter the page. If you want to stop it then go to the right side- corner and click the pause button on the ipod~ 

 *Skirt- Zara, Flats- Promod, Top- Splash, Rings- Splash and Accessorize, Earrings & Headband- Aldo accessories*

I have been dying to use my zara skirt for many posts now and i have experimented with several combination's. I loved them all but this look had an innocent feel to it and i haven't done innocent yet 0;). My head band was a must because my personal style is so heavily inspired by blair warldorf slash leighton meester. Here my look is very prima ballerina-ish  with its soft colors like baby pink top and nude skirt. i gave it a lot of sparkle and shine through accessories so it balances just right~ tried a messy fishtail with hair for the first time,j'adore~ the fragrance that goes along with this outfit is ralph lauren- romance.  Its blend of sun goddess rose and white violet evokes a sort of purity.
'Frequently asked questions'- How do i take care of my skin? Very simple and pocket friendly, I use Multani mitti(Fullers Earth) with Water/Rose water. I strongly reckon it because its completely natural, gives you a glow and it takes care of your acne. Google multani mitti recipes for skin and hair (yes hair too) for those who of you suffering from hair fall~ Please drink lots of water, you'll thank it post 30's and 40's ;)

Without their brilliance and creativity this post wouldn't have happened~ Thank you so much :)
Photography- Sarath Shetty
Make up and Hair- Sandy Artist 

Music by Sara schiralli- Roll the dice, listen to the full song, it takes me to the rues of paris to an intimate little streetcafe overlooking Eiffel *sigh*. Do check this space -Great posts coming up for December~ If you want to subscribe through emails theres an option on your right hand side on top to 'follow through email', that way you'd know when a new post is coming up Or you can Click on the link to Facebook version of - Be me for regular updates. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend :)

Love and Shine

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sanguine Sorceress

Note: My blog has a widget that plays music as you enter the page. If you want to stop it then go to the right side- corner and click the pause button on the ipod~


 This is my paradigm of what a new age Wicca should like ;) dark, severe and hypnotic(add trendy to the equation and poof its perfect)~ and if you want to malleate it to a fun look just reverse the intense hair and makeup to something simple and it would still work! Instead of being all serious i added my little fun element - My sparkly golden brogues~ Adds that magic to my playsuit. I married it with minimal accessories but gave a strong pop of color through green. Many people tend to ignore this but what actually completes the whole look in the end is that one spine-tingling perfume. For me it was 'Provocative by Elizabeth arden'. Its seductive and intoxicating as its name suggests. Now onwards you shall be expecting a fragrance used with every post ;)
     Drifting towards something completely different. I opine that Fashion is not about being superficial and fake. Its about feeling good about yourself. loving you, being you, sufficing you and being the confident you! So when your absolutely low treat yourself to your wardrobe and try dressing up the same day! You'll feel the difference.

Make up Artistry- Mitesh bon Viveur
Photography- Sucharita Rao (love them so much)

*Playsuit-Lipsy London, Rings- Accessorize, Bracelet- Splash, Brogues- Aldo, Green sling bag- Delhi*

If you wish to contact me you could mail me here- and happy thanksgiving everybody~

Love and Glow

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Birthday Spectacular

Celebrated one of my best birthdays on 14th November~ Yes I was all dressed up in love! Like i promised in my previous post ive shared my birthday pictures here. These arent professionally taken but boy did i have fun! I didnt get to wear all the outfits i selected for my birthday (i know its crazy ;) ) During the brunch i wore my favorite Sheer pleated skirt with a crop top~ and my night ended with a sparkly number from asos (a girl couldnt ask for more) p.s- I recently turned into a red head! i want more reddd :S Hopefully another trip to the salon would get me the red im looking for :) *fingers crossed*

Have a lovely day~

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Your my Deepest Blue

So November has been super nice to me especially because its my birthday month~ I had the best time celebrating it in style yesterday. I have been jumping like the little kid in the park high on sugar and sweet oxygen as i awaited my birthday~ I had selected so many outfits for my birthday that i actually lost count of how many i had taken. I really need more days to celebrate my arrival in this world ;) Pictures coming up soon! So i have been obsessing over high waisted trousers for a long time, only because they are super comfortable and tres chic! These huge palazzos have done their part in looking stunning, also if you've noticed they make you look kinda tall or may be its my love for these pants thats talking ;P Teaming it up with an ultra marine blue shoulder padded top and a snow flake neck piece just added to its elegance. Wear it to work or brunch, your bound to make a statement! And have you seen my latest haul- My asos shades and f21 animal ring! I was petrified coz i didnt know if the shades were going to suit me but oh my god does it look good or look good! F21 ring drove me crazy~ So crazy that i ordered for two in gold and silver. Its so majestic and fierce~ It absolutely completed my outfit!
I couldn't have achieved this look without my darling Photographer- Sucharitha Rao, Find her here and my drama companion, Make up artist- Mitesh bon viveur! <Stunning work right>

So this month im going to breath in some extraordinary amount of love, clothes and gadgets! *bliss*  Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! See you soon :D

*Asos Shades, Top- Envy, Palazzo Pants- river.island,Asos, Pumps- Aldo, Neckpiece- Mango, Bag- Self explanatory ;)*