Carnival Of Lights

I know I know its been really long since you've seen a post from me. I was out of town :( but im back and i promise that november (which is my favorite month of the year) would be full of awesome posts :) so stay tuned! This post is dedicated to diwali with all its positivity and sparkle that brings into our lives. i hope you guys had a safe diwali sans the crackers ;) .
So voila im donning a Contemporary Indian outfit. The dress is by sabyasachi who is a brilliant Indian designer btw! I  did my own make up, i achieved my smoky eyes all thanks to mac products. I shall have a post soon, exclusively on make up for the day and night! Styling of jewelery is done by my bestie Shravya varma, you could also find her here. She is absolutely talented when it comes to styling et all. Of course the photography credit goes to Sarath shetty, another proficient artist, a dear friend of mine. My Fashionistas, Im waiting anxiously for halloween, post your halloween outfits on my facebook  page ;) Hugs
p.s- Check the end of the page for music, a new edition for all the music aficionados :) It will keep changing with the upcoming posts.


  1. I don't know much about your culture but I do hope I learn more now that I have been following your blog. You look stunning and I love your accessories and makeup!!!!

  2. I love your skin! It's so flawless!

  3. Wow!
    You´re so pretty, love these photos :)

  4. you are so pretty
    great post darling
    happy halloween
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

    Lets become fashionable friends

  5. thank uuu so much everybody~ :D

  6. Love your dress! It's so colorfull.

    I want to let you know in personal that I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress. So ýou couldn't follow my blog anymore with blogger.
    Hope you will still follow my blog KimonFashion.

    You can follow my updates with bloglovin or facebook. Go to my site and press the follow me button at the left. Hope you will!!! I will still follow you with blogger.

    Thanx! XO Kim

  7. love your dress!!! And love the radiant glow on your face :)

  8. gorgeous photoshoot..tell the photog on my behalf please!and you look awesome,the skirt of the kamiz is awesome!


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