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Sanguine Sorceress

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 This is my paradigm of what a new age Wicca should like ;) dark, severe and hypnotic(add trendy to the equation and poof its perfect)~ and if you want to malleate it to a fun look just reverse the intense hair and makeup to something simple and it would still work! Instead of being all serious i added my little fun element - My sparkly golden brogues~ Adds that magic to my playsuit. I married it with minimal accessories but gave a strong pop of color through green. Many people tend to ignore this but what actually completes the whole look in the end is that one spine-tingling perfume. For me it was 'Provocative by Elizabeth arden'. Its seductive and intoxicating as its name suggests. Now onwards you shall be expecting a fragrance used with every post ;)
     Drifting towards something completely different. I opine …

Birthday Spectacular

Celebrated one of my best birthdays on 14th November~ Yes I was all dressed up in love! Like i promised in my previous post ive shared my birthday pictures here. These arent professionally taken but boy did i have fun! I didnt get to wear all the outfits i selected for my birthday (i know its crazy ;) ) During the brunch i wore my favorite Sheer pleated skirt with a crop top~ and my night ended with a sparkly number from asos (a girl couldnt ask for more) p.s- I recently turned into a red head! i want more reddd :S Hopefully another trip to the salon would get me the red im looking for :) *fingers crossed*

Have a lovely day~

Your my Deepest Blue

So November has been super nice to me especially because its my birthday month~ I had the best time celebrating it in style yesterday. I have been jumping like the little kid in the park high on sugar and sweet oxygen as i awaited my birthday~ I had selected so many outfits for my birthday that i actually lost count of how many i had taken. I really need more days to celebrate my arrival in this world ;) Pictures coming up soon! So i have been obsessing over high waisted trousers for a long time, only because they are super comfortable and tres chic! These huge palazzos have done their part in looking stunning, also if you've noticed they make you look kinda tall or may be its my love for these pants thats talking ;P Teaming it up with an ultra marine blue shoulder padded top and a snow flake neck piece just added to its elegance. Wear it to work or brunch, your bound to make a statement! And have you seen my latest haul- My asos shades and f21 animal ring! I was pet…