~Pleated Paradise~

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 *Skirt- Zara, Flats- Promod, Top- Splash, Rings- Splash and Accessorize, Earrings & Headband- Aldo accessories*

I have been dying to use my zara skirt for many posts now and i have experimented with several combination's. I loved them all but this look had an innocent feel to it and i haven't done innocent yet 0;). My head band was a must because my personal style is so heavily inspired by blair warldorf slash leighton meester. Here my look is very prima ballerina-ish  with its soft colors like baby pink top and nude skirt. i gave it a lot of sparkle and shine through accessories so it balances just right~ tried a messy fishtail with hair for the first time,j'adore~ the fragrance that goes along with this outfit is ralph lauren- romance.  Its blend of sun goddess rose and white violet evokes a sort of purity.
'Frequently asked questions'- How do i take care of my skin? Very simple and pocket friendly, I use Multani mitti(Fullers Earth) with Water/Rose water. I strongly reckon it because its completely natural, gives you a glow and it takes care of your acne. Google multani mitti recipes for skin and hair (yes hair too) for those who of you suffering from hair fall~ Please drink lots of water, you'll thank it post 30's and 40's ;)

Without their brilliance and creativity this post wouldn't have happened~ Thank you so much :)
Photography- Sarath Shetty
Make up and Hair- Sandy Artist 

Music by Sara schiralli- Roll the dice, listen to the full song, it takes me to the rues of paris to an intimate little streetcafe overlooking Eiffel *sigh*. Do check this space -Great posts coming up for December~ If you want to subscribe through emails theres an option on your right hand side on top to 'follow through email', that way you'd know when a new post is coming up Or you can Click on the link to Facebook version of - Be me for regular updates. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend :)

Love and Shine


  1. These pics are so amazing! Wow!

  2. These are awesome pictures. That pleated skirt is awesome. I even have a post on it on my blog and I love your blog.

  3. so elegant chic!


  4. Thank youuu so much~ <3

  5. Aww this look is so feminine and pretty! You look like Miss World or someone fancy like that. hehe. Love the slippers.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey! I really love the soft make up, specially the eyes. What's the shade that you used here?


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