Monday, 16 January 2012

Taupe Romance

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* Sheer jacket- Nexus, Skirt- Zara, Oxford heels, geek owl neck-piece- Forever 21, Ring- Aldo, Bracelets- Splash, Bag- Max*

Sheer does bring out the delicate side in any outfit and im in love with any sheer outfit with work on it. Gives it a little sparkle~ The idea behind this post was mainly about how to repeat an outfit with different styling. If ive burnt my pockets on a particular outfit then id not want to waste it by wearing it only once. As you can see in this post, i reused my pleated zara skirt. You can repeat your outfit by pairing it with different jackets, tops, shoes, accessories to make it brand new~ Talking about my new oxford heels, i love the color and how it adds to the outfit but it gets really difficult to walk after a while. But i cant complain as a woman i have signed up for the love of high heels and its vexations ;)
I can really feel the winter chill and im fancying my leather jackets, furry uggs and boots. Coming posts i shall cover how to dress for winter (hopefully i get to do that before its over ;) )

Phoography : Sarath Shetty
Make Up: Sandy Artist

Salubrious week to everybody!


  1. more than anything i love the way u write... i think u shut give a thought on writing now...

  2. thank you so much :))
    @sarath- awwww thank youuuuu~ muahhhhhh! meet my talented photographer friend everybody :D

  3. You looking so hot !! very nice photography and skirt.

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  6. You so beautiful *--* The look and photos too!

    Kisses ;*

  7. love your look..the jewelry, the bag, everything is perfect:)

  8. Very nice pictures! :):)

  9. OMG You've got such an amazing pictures!!! LOVE IT

  10. you are so beautiful!
    love your post so chic and glam!

  11. Great session ! ;) And this light behind you is so awesome and bring atmosphere and mystery ! ;D

  12. Beautiful pictures!

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  13. Amazing outfit!! I love the shoes, are gorgeous! :)

  14. Very nice photograph dear, really love it! <3
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    Thanks a lot. ;)


  15. I'm from fashiolista, you've here a new follower :) I love the skirt, is so lovely! You look stunning, so pretty! Amazing photos!


  16. you look just stunning in the pics-the accessories are adorable!!! You just got me as your GFC follower !! :)

  17. OMG, at firs I thought these are Bipasha Basu's pictures!! You look amazing and your blog is so beautiful!! Nice to 'meet' your blog:-)
    -Jyoti from style-delights

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  18. wow, that was sheer magic! u look so pretty in that skirt and u have styled it grt with black
    hopped from the INFB remix..

  19. Great styling and beautiful photography!!
    And yes you do look like Bipasha!

  20. Lovely photography, lovely make up, lovely outfit and lovely you ! :)


    Bong's Belleza

  21. Love that black top :)

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