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Fallen Angel

Note: My blog has a widget that plays music as you enter the page. If you want to stop it then go to the right side- corner and click the pause button on the ipod~ brace yourself coz this ones going to be loud and goood! ;) 

*Dress- Designed by me, Shoes- Zara, Earring- Asos, Wings- Made by me*

 Sorry for the long hiatus guys. Plans for my new blog shoot is cooking up and i am excited! I have always had a soft spot for lace and couldn't find a good fitting lace dress. So i took matters into my hands and searched for the perfect lace fabric (which wasn't easy to find here) Designed it and voila it was my perfect little lace black dress. Adore the backless part of the dress! And My zara shoes have a christian louboutin-esque vibe which i love love love! Perfume used- Angel By Thierry Mugler~
Well i have always been enraptured by fallen angels and thought i could do a theme for fallen angels for Halloween last year. So i made these wings. Didn't go to the Halloween party so i …