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DIY- Floral Crown

Photography: Sarath Shetty, Photo Courtesy- Tollywood Magazine.

Now a days Floral Headbands have become a hot property in the Fashion Bloggers circuit. With the likes of Celebs like Lana del ray, Katy Perry, Leighton Meester donning it. This Hair accessory trend is here to stay so i thought why not do a DIY~ Its pretty simple and becomes a statement piece for any outfit. Plus it looks absolutely angelic and pristine!

So here's what you need:

1. Fake Flowers (any color)
 2. Black Wire Vinyl String (any stationery store would have it)
 3. Scissors
 4. Fevikwik
 5. Any thick headband (i ripped my old headband's material that was over it)
How to make your very own Floral Crown:

Step 1: Take the Flowers and surround it on your headband. You could cut the extra off. Take the black wire vinyl string and roll it around the edge to secure the stem of the flower and your headband. Now do the same
thing on the other side.                            

Step 2: Take the fevi kwik glue and stick t…

*City of Blinding Lights*

*Dress- Asos, Bracelet- Aldo, Belt- Promod, Heels- Bangkok, Earring- River Island, Clutch- Kimaya*

Hello Everybody! This times shoot had lots of adversities, craziness and my nemesis begging for it to get cancelled. But i guess we lucked out and stayed put to complete it and viola we got some good sets. Thank you nikhil and mitesh for hanging in there~ This post is again an ode to the city and its sparkles. Hence the sequins and the very unforgettable Lady Gaga inspired heels. You must be wondering how i walked without tripping. Let me tell you ladies these heels were as comfortable as wedges. It has tenacious support plus its soo fierce to look at! I hope to post a video of me running in them so you could believe me ;)

Photography- Nikhil Bareli
Make up Artistry- Mitesh Bon Viveur

Love and Shine

Electric City

* Jumpsuit, Accessories- Asos, Bag- Delhi, Shoes- Gift, Wing bracelet- Promod*

I guess this would be my favorite post by far. It has all the things i obsess about. My ultramarine blue jumpsuit, Winged bracelet, Statement earrings in delicious colors! Channeling the streets of New York was a lot of fun. Especially the graffiti in the background helped make my outfit freakin' fabulous! It 'Blue' me away ;) 
Coming up is a special Be Me sale soooon. Check the Facebook page for regular updates! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed posing for it!

Special Thanks to
Photographer- Manisha Panchwati ( love you lady!!)
Make up Artist- Mitesh Bon Viveur ( Muahhhhh!) 

Love and Sparks