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Taupe Romance

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* Sheer jacket- Nexus, Skirt- Zara, Oxford heels, geek owl neck-piece- Forever 21, Ring- Aldo, Bracelets- Splash, Bag- Max*

Sheer does bring out the delicate side in any outfit and im in love with any sheer outfit with work on it. Gives it a little sparkle~ The idea behind this post was mainly about how to repeat an outfit with different styling. If ive burnt my pockets on a particular outfit then id not want to waste it by wearing it only once. As you can see in this post, i reused my pleated zara skirt. You can repeat your outfit by pairing it with different jackets, tops, shoes, accessories to make it brand new~ Talking about my new oxford heels, i love the color and how it adds to the outfit but it gets really difficult to walk after a while. But i cant complain as a woman i have signed up for the love of high heels and…

NYE Outfit~

My photographs don't do justice to the place which was so beautifully done~ Couldn't carry my heavy dslr :( It was a Miami themed party. Ambiance was perfect!
 Wore my structural Aqua skirt which i love!  Paired it with an ultramarine blue top and a Statement Bib which i cut from a mango top~

Desperate attempt to show my steve madden in between the party~ well its atleast something ;)

went with a greek inspired chignon for my hair~

Hope you guys had a fun new year. My bid to 2011 couldn't have been more perfect than this night! Welcome 2012. xo

Love and Shine