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Starry Dawn

* Pants- Mango, Top- Splash, Bag-Dior, Ring and feline bracelet-Splash, feline ring- f21,Vintage Egyptian bracelet and star earrings- Asos, lemon heels- gift*

The title is a small inspiration from van goghs starry nights ;) my work not as colorful and creative as him but the title seemed apt for this one. This look has an 80's feel to it and strangely makes me feel that if given a chance i would have broken into a dance to the music of "staying alive" that instant ;)  My hair was inspired by Serena from Gossip girl, unkempt and messy! Hope you guys enjoyed the post~ Stay tuned for the next one!!

Photography- Sarath Shetty
Make up- Me :)

To staying chic, Always
Love and xx