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Black Magic

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* Top- Asos, Leggings- Blackmilk, Rings and Earring- Asos, Shoes- Gifted, Neckpiece- Goa, Hat- Espirit*

Hello everybody! Its been a hectic month and apologies for keeping you waiting~ As you can see from the above i have channeled my inner goth ;) I absolutely love spikes, the inverted cross trend and some crazy accessories to go with it! Some might like it and some wouldn't but i could say this has been my craziest blog yet~ 
So recently i went to the Poets of the fall concert (the current song playing in my list is by them. Beautifully haunting isnt it?!) Im sure some of you must have gone there and experienced some awe-inspiring music~ I could say this look would have fit right in with the concert crowd ;) But you can wear this look in your daily life too sans the black lips otherwise people would consider you all shades of …