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D.I.Y: How to make a Fringed T-shirt

Gone are the days when prim and proper tshirts were worn and heavy styling would have been needed to give them some semblance of life. Embrace your inner street and don the fringed tee which makes you feel like a rockstar without doing much~

What you need:

1) A long tshirt
2) Scissors
3) Marking Pencil (i used my old golden eyeliner pencil)
4) Scale

How To:

1) Get any old tee you haven't been using~ Start by marking a point at the waist line where youd want the fringe to start. Giving a space of 1cm and start marking the dots along your waste line on your tshirt with the pencil.

2) Mark dots on the bottom part of your t-shirt giving the same distance of 1 cm..

3) Start joining the dots you've marked at the bottom and centre of your tshirt like shown above.

4) Time to start cutting. The cuts might be uneven because of the thin tshirt material but dont fret coz it gets hidden in its folds. The final outcome looks like the pic shown below~

There you go. Wasnt it the easiest to ma…